Diogo starts PhD at the University of Florida

Last August, 2015, Diogo Carvalho has moved to Florida, USA, where he will live for 4 years. Diogo has been selected by the University of Florida for a PhD in Music Composition, and he will also work at the institution as a Graduate Teacher Assistant. With this in mind, the Calavento Duo prepares future tours in Europe and USA.

Mother-in-Law Suite was comically illustrated by Svetlana Zvinite


Feel with your eyes all the drama from this Suite! (Composed by Duo Calavento) 

To see more of Svetlana, click here.

"Folha de São Paulo" - One os the most important newspapers from Brazil


CD – Duo Calavento

On their first album, the musicians Diogo Carvalho (classical guitar) and Leonardo Padovani (violin), have recorded some classics as “Nightclub 1960”, by Piazzolla  as well as authoral compositions. Among it, there is the intriguing “Mother-in-Law Suite”, with three movements: “The Arrival”, “Living Together”, “Nagging” – described by them, in the cd booklet, as “The endless litany, the nagging moment, the Byzantine discussion” – and “Departure Celebration”.

Turibio Santos wrote us after listening to the cd!


"Dear Diogo and Leonardo,

The CD is unique! Beautiful compositions, excellent arrangements, brilliant interpretations, spectacular sound, labor over labor over labor. Congratulations! Great joy!!! It will have all the deserved success. Best Regards from Turibio."

Visit the website of the great artist Turibio Santos: www.turibio.com.br.

Recording of the TV show: "Músicas que Elevam"

Soon on YouTube!

Duo Calavento performs voluntary concert at AbraCe


It was a great evening, special.


"Esteemed Diogo, we would like to let you and Leonardo know that we can still feel deep inside the wonderful sound of your music. It was an unforgettable evening. Thank you very much!"


Eneida and all the Abrace team

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